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Women's Health

Unhealthy ovaries can cause menstrual disorders, menopause ahead of schedule, decreased libido, and have an influence on skin and appearance. Infinity Medicine's ovarian regeneration helps you to improve ovarian function, and makes you more vital, beautiful and healthy (even 10 years younger!). Infinity Medicine's ovarian regeneration can assist in bringing better quality eggs as well as help mothers who are prone to premature labor and miscarriage.

Hormone Balance and Replacement

Hormone balance and hormone replacement is designed for patients over 35 years of age, who desire more energy, improved health, an improved sex life, and want to appear younger, but are suffering from pre-menopause and post menopause. 

Ovarian Care: For childbearing age and young women for pre-pregnancy.

Tests Include:

  • Ovarian Fertility Reserve Test 

  • Women's Hormone Test

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