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Donate Blood 

Donate Blood For Cancer Research 

Our clinic is collecting blood samples on a bi-weekly bases. All blood sample are used to validate blood based DNA for breast, colon and liver cancer. We provide a $50 Amazon gift card to all who donate. 

  • All samples are for validating a blood-based DNA test for breast, colon and liver cancer.
  • 6 tubes of blood (53mL)

  • You will receive the gift card at the study site after you give blood. No strings attached.

  • You should weigh a minimum of 110 pounds and be in good general health and you should not donate blood If you have a cold, flu or fever.

  • The process takes about 10 minutes total consisting of paper work and donation. 

  • The procedure is safe and relatively painless.

If you are interested please contact

Justin at: 

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