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IV Therapies are crafted and created to deliver vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and other vital nutrients directly into the blood stream quickly, effectively, and without needing or putting extra stress on the digestive system to optimize your care to the fullest. At Infinity Medicine, we have multiple IV Therapies crafted and designed to fulfill your individual need and optimize your care.

The IvyGene test can provide additional insight and is supplementary to other standard of care diagnostics. It provides a non-invasive option to aid in confirming specific cancer presences, monitoring for reoccurrence, and supplementing other tests.

Mark Berman's 3D Cosmetic Skin treatments for the face, neck and body consist of a conservative approach that combines non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures with minimal discomfort and minimal recovery time. Mark gives you options, and is careful to consider benefits against risks. 

Platelet Rich Plasma injections (PRP) are regarded as a revolutionary modality of care in the regenerative medicines. Due to the hazardous, long term complications that surgical interventions may entail, less invasive procedures like PRP are getting extremely popular as a safer alternative than surgery in the optimal management of soft tissue injuries.

Brainwave Neurofeedback therapy is a 100% non-invasive, drug-free, brain training system that helps the central nervous system make the best use of your brain's natural resources. Through the measurement of brainwave activity we are able to assess mental functioning. 

Male function is an important indicator of male health and aging. Good male function requires a healthy heart, blood vessels, nervous system, metabolic system, mental status and good hormone levels.

Infinity Medicine's ovarian regeneration helps you to improve ovarian function, and makes you more vital, beautiful and healthy (even 10 years younger!). Infinity Medicine's ovarian regeneration can assist in bringing better quality eggs as well as help mothers who are prone to premature labor and miscarriage.

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