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3D Cosmetic Medicine

A conservative approach to more vibrant, youthful-looking You!

Mark Berman's 3D Cosmetic Skin treatments for the face, neck and body consist of a conservative approach that combines non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures with minimal discomfort and minimal recovery time. Mark gives you options, and is careful to consider benefits against risks. 


3D Lift (Fat Grafting)

Dr. Berman is a pioneer in the concept of volume replenishing to naturally restore volume to the aging face. Facial fat grafting uses your own body fat so it is safe and natural, gives excellent results for an average duration of 8 years and delivers the most attractive and pleasing results. 
Most traditional procedures are designed to lift and pull. The result is often unnatural. The problem is that gravity does not cause aging. Your face is not dropping, it is losing volume. 3D Lift use your own body’s fat cells to restore volume.

Natural: uses your own fat
Safe: minimally invasive with short recovery time
Lasting: results up to 8 years

Breast Augmentation

The special techniques and over 25 years of experience of our world-class surgeon makes our breast augmentation perfect for women who simply wants to look and feel more feminine and obtain a more pleasing silhouette.

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