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About Infinity Medicine

Infinity Medicine is a regenerative health clinic specializing in PRP Therapy, IV Therapy, Hormone Replacement, Brainwave Neurofeedback and more. 

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An Affordable Surgery Alternative

PRP Therapy is a fast growing surgical alternative that uses your body's own regenerative properties to speed the healing process. It is both affordable and non-invasive. 

Customizable IV Treatments

We offer a wide range of IV Treatments tailored towards your specific needs. Avoid G.I. issues and receive instant, 100% efficient absorption of vitamins through our IV Therapy.

The Most Effective ADD/ADHD Treatment

Brainwave neurofeedback is a revolutionary non-invasive treatment that allows you to "retrain" your brain. Overcome mental health concerns, improve your memory, or conquer your addictions. All of these are possible with brainwave neurofeedback.


Check out our holistic approaches towards improving your health at Infinity for Health, located in the same building. Services provided include acupuncture, massages, colon hydrotherapy, foot detoxes and more!

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